I took my first steps in photography during my studies in the 70s, when I started to occasionally document my favorite places. Back then I was especially interested in the technology that layed behind photographing. At first I only made slides, later in the 80s some friends and me founded a photography group called IRIS. That's where I discovered the wide world of black and white photography. Andreas Feiningers "The Creative Photographer" was my main source of inspiration during this time. Many years later, when digital photography was spreading I found my way back to photography, only that the darkroom was replaced by a monitor. The current episode of my work is mainly due to the workshops of photography artist Volker Schöbel. At the moment my focus of interest lies on urban landscapes and documentary topics.

Participation in different group exhibitions:

- Fotogruppe BLAU, 10.10 - 27.11.2020, Kunstbezirk Stuttgart mit "111 Klafter"
- Fotoclub Ludwigsburg, 10.11 - 08.12.2017, Kulturzentrum, Ludwigsburg
- Stuttgart, 16th January - 12th of February 2017 Treffpunkt Rotebühlplatz, Stuttgart
- Fotogruppe Blau, 16th of June - 14th of July 2012 die Lichtbildnerei, Stuttgart
- Stuttgart, 2nd February - 2nd of March 2011 Treffpunkt Rotebühlplatz, Stuttgart
- Fotoclub Ludwigsburg, 8th - 27th of November 2010, Kulturzentrum, Ludwigsbug